Feedback needed for a newly created survey form

Hello fellow campers, good day.

Could I get some feedback on my newly created survey form? Any critics and suggestion are welcomed

Thanks! :smiley:

Survey form

It looks very nice! You should put the question mark together with the word next to your textarea. You might also want to put a slight border on the textarea because it kind of blends into the background. A border similar to the one that the checkboxes have would probably be fine.

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The description paragraph might benefit from a larger font size.

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Oh ok thanks for the feedback will work on it ASAP :smile:

Looks cool and responsive.
However, I feel that the survey-form should have equal Top & Bottom spacing. Noticed you used padding:1%; for each and form-title is having margin-top: 5%; making it 6% spacing from the top and 1% from the bottom

Hard to notice on a large screen display but, easy to spot the different on mobile
But, it’s still nice though.

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By the way, wouldn’t a textarea that blend with the background color more beautiful? :confused:

Try to for attribute to your labels so when you click on label it will check /select checkbox/radio

But wouldn’t that mean I need to create an ID for all the radio and checkbox elements?

I also noticed you styled your unordered list in HTML. You should do that in CSS.

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There is another way to do it by putting your check/radio inside labels like this: <label><input ....></label> without using for and id attribute

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@SalimDev and @Roma thanks, I’ve fixed it. Well, I totally forgot about that method lol. Looks like I still have a long way to go :rofl:

don’t worry we’re together in this long way :slightly_smiling_face:

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