Feedback on Form page

Hello everyone,

As I continue to learn more about HTML and CSS I’ve completed the 2nd project from FreeCodeCamp: The Form Page! Here is what I did, I would like some inputs.

Ps. The Textarea does not seem to stay “inbouds” even though it works normally from Notepad ++ (where I originally coded).


If you add max-width: 100% to your textarea CSS, that will prevent the box from stretching beyond the form.

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Actually what I did to fix it was setting box-sizing to border-box, that did the job. The width was already at 100%.

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Form looks good @victor.zamith. Good job cleaning it up. Some things to revisit;

  • You have the same for attribute for one of your checkbox labels even though the id is correct.
    • copy/paste error I’m guessing. To see what happens, click on each label for each checkbox to select and deselect it. When you click on the third label you’ll see the error.

As an aside, placeholder attribute should be the format the user should enter into the field. Not a repetition of the label.

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