Just finished the first project in the Responsive Web Design

Please, it’d be awesome if you could take a look at my “code” and give feedback bout what I could improve. Of course my code is not perfect and it must have a lot of things to improve, but I don´t know what are those things that need to be inproved.
That’s why I’m here :slight_smile:

Thank you all

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Hey @johanlassore, and welcome to the forums!

It looks super clean! I love the transparency you used on the darker background of the main form that still allows the text to be read clearly. Well done!

The only small critique I can think of after going into it for a couple minutes is that the labels for the checkboxes don’t do anything. The inputs are missing the id attribute that corresponds to the for attribute inside the label so that you can click the label and check/uncheck the checkbox easier.

Other than that small change, I think it looks great!


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Oh! My bad, I totally forgot to add the for with the correct id.
Thanks for the feedback!


You are not meant to copy the example project, but I guess it is good practice to replicate designs and I know a lot of people struggle to come up with their designs.

If you add selected and disabled to the first option element in the select elements it won’t be selectable. It acts as a “heading” for the options list, not an option itself.

Use max-width and not a fixed width in pixels. Let elements shrink as needed to avoid overflowing.

Add resize: vertical to the textarea element so the user can’t drag it in the horizontal direction.

Add cursor: pointer to the submit button.