Feedback on Resume, Portfolio for finding work?

Hello all! I just completed a 3-month coding bootcamp. Majority of learning was in Python, also Django, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, SQLite, git, some others.

Before school I’d completed 4 of the freeCodeCamp certificates, a bunch of Codecademy courses, and 1 Udemy course.

I’ve been applying to jobs with this sofar, but haven’t gotten very much response. Am I career-worthy? What can I do to improve?

Current resume: resume_v.1.6
My portfolio: – Google domain hosted on GitHub.
My GitHub:
My LinkedIn:

Ufffffffffffff, great design… am blown away by.your portfolio site. Great job man. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you, but I would be disingenuous to take the credit. It’s actually a bootstrap template that I modified and replaced the content. (I designed the logo myself though.)

I spoke to a few of my professors and they suggested using a template so I’d have more time to build new projects, take courses, and apply to jobs.

Site looks great! Maybe the issue is me, but it doesn’t look like I can access any live demos of your projects. Do you have them up and running somewhere?

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Random Quote Machine, Pomodoro Clock, and React Calculator have live versions from the baby blue buttons. (These are fCC projects.)

CarbCount, Crowdfunder, and Rainforest only have the code with the baby green buttons. (Group projects from school.) The reason they are not online:
-Looks nice but is not functional.
-Does not look nice and is not functional.
-Looks ugly but is functional. (I should go back & add some basic styles then put it online.)

EDIT: I’m also going to add SongFeels soon; it is functional and looks okay:

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Maybe it’s personal taste, but I think the pictures take up too much space, and I don’t think you need both of them. Or at least not that close together (especially on mobile!). My immediate reaction upon scrolling down and seeing the second picture with the personal details was that I was on a social site.

Upon loading I’m getting a bug with the project section where the ‘Latest blogs’ text is overlayed on top of them, and so there’s empty space left in between the blog posts and the contact details. As soon as I click on a project selector, it goes back to its correct position (on firefox and chrome).

Also, I’m not sure if the way the projects stack upon loading is intentional or not:

But before I hovered over them and saw that they were different projects I thought they were each one project and it seemed broken.

Overall I feel like there is too much white space. It just feels like a lot of empty space, in between the blog posts and the contact info for instance. And the footer seems massive for such little amount of content(on desktop, mobile not so bad).

One final thing, in the ‘My Skills’ section you say

Some of the skills we developed over the 12-week course include writing clean

but, there’s no mention of what course you’re talking about or who ‘we’ are. I can make assumptions about both of them, but for the sake of clarity they need to be introduced first. Although I’m not wholly convinced about framing all of your skills in the context of a bootcamp to begin with.

All that said, I do like it! The design does look good, it looks very clean, I like the color choices, and all the interactive parts look nice and work well. Overall it’s a nice site, I’m just trying to give constructive feedback!

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-Pictures: Oh, maybe two is too many. I was thinking of swapping out the second picture for a “hard at work” shot or something, but maybe I’ll just remove it.

-Latest blogs text: That’s really bad, but I’m not seeing this in either browser. Which version of Firefox and Chrome are you using? Do you have any add-ons installed?

-Projects stack: Definitely not intended.

-Whitespace: I’ll try to reduce some of the extra space between sections.

-Footer: I see what you mean, I’ll make it a bit smaller too.

-Skills section: Oh okay. I’ll work on this section so it doesn’t mention bootcamp.

-Mobile: I’ll have to work on responsive too; I know some sections on mobile look a little weird. ie: the first image is squished horizontally while the second image is fine.