Feedback on the Survey Form

Please leave some feedback on the form. I have one error and do not know why. I do have a value attribute on the Checkboxes. Thanks!

14. Inside the form element, I can select several fields from a series of checkboxes, each of which must have a value attribute.

You have the same id css on two different inputs. To check your code for duplicates, click somewhere in the html editor tab, hit ctrl+f and type in “css” no quotes, then hit ctrl+g to find next and ctrl+shift+g to find previous.

It’s also not responsive which isn’t one of the required user stories but it’s kind of the whole point to this certificate.


Thanks, I tried changing that and it still gives me the error. I am using BS and it should be inherently responsive by using a container and inside of a card. I think it is Code Pen myself but I will test outside of that.

I figured it out. I was wondering why it wasn’t responsive when using Bootstrap. I realized that I set a width to the card and trying to use a media query to adjust that was being over ridin and causing the error . I removed the card and allowed everything to work properly.