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Hello guys, I have been studying web development for two weeks. Would you be so kind as to give me your opinion about my tribute page?

Another thing: I have put a media-query to change the size of the image, when I use the inspector or change the size of my browser the image is reduced by half. However, when I run the FCC script I get 9/10 completed tests.

Any advice on what’s happening?

Greetings, thanks for reading and sorry if my page is not very good!

Please see it on a computer! I still do not learn how to make the effect of images on mobile devices

First of all, Tribute page is really good. I just felt it has a lot of spacing for the content. I felt it this way because the background image took some time to load.

The projetc fails at this section. Making the image responsive.

Please note this will resize the image to a fixed width. You are using a media query to change the width to a fixed pixed. Even though it work. It is not the best practice.

Refer the FCC Curriculum section on how to make a image responsive. It will automatically scale down based on the screen size. No need to add Media query to do the same.

Once this is done. There won’t be any error.

If possible, try using Codepen. It is easier to edit the code there and I can review all your code without using the inspector.

Thanks. Have a great day

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Thanks for the feedback !, of course, I will read again the lesson related to responsive design to try to solve that problem.

I am reading a tutorial of how to use codepen, the following projects I will do there to facilitate the reading of the code to other people.

Again, thank you very much! :blush:

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You really went way above and beyond the scope for this one. I love it.
The test bot thing is looking for what adi188288 is saying. I copy clipped your project into a code pen and added a statement it was looking for (the way I did it is complete nonsense) and it passed.

Did I say I love your tribute page already? Because that was fantastic.


Thank you very much for the feedback! I still have a lot to learn but I am trying to put a little more in each project so that they look good by reading additional things about CSS or HTML5.

I am excited to finish the projects to get to JS and see what new and interesting things I can put into them.

Regards! :slightly_smiling_face: