Feel like I'm taking too long on projects?

Hi, all.
So I completed the front end courses on here a while back and I’m now at frontendmentor.io further my practicing .

I first completed about 15 newbie projects , and now I’ve done about 15 junior projects. Some went fast, as in a few days, but others I take over 2 weeks to complete, some close to a month! I feel like a few weeks is just way too long?
It stresses me out , which of course doesn’t help me . Is it average my time , or too slow?

I’m focusing mostly on learning more JS and bootstrap atm, as too many things in one go slow me further, but I just can’t help but feel I’m not making enough progress.


Taking your time on projects is good, especially if you aren’t following along with a tutorial.


As long as your learning and being productive in the process then your doing alright. Are you pleased with the end results of the project? The time you spend editing and tweaking it to your liking is also part of the learning process. The main thing is that you come out having learnt new things and that you improved your skills in the making of the project.

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Well it’s something at least. I do learn off course with each project, and makes notes about what I’ve learned in a readme file.

The only relevant indicator is really what you expect to do and what you end up doing.

So if you have a project where before you start you expect to be done in 1 or 2 days, but after working on it you end up taking 1 to 2 months, then yea you might want to review what you originally estimated and why it was so off.

However, if your just working on stuff that is complex, and you expect to take a while on it, and end up close, then you are probably fine. Not all projects are made the same.

The more complex a project, the longer your estimates will be, and furthermore at a certain point estimate is worthless. Its too easy to assume to much when things get complex, this is why most large and complex projects always go longer, and cost more.

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Not sure I agree. :thinking:
There were many times when I estimated a project would take me around one or two days because it looked simple but then I ran into issues on the way so I had to review and relearn certain concepts so it ended up taking waaaay longer then I originally planned. Once I had finished and would begin a similar project It took me much shorter then the first time round and I completed it nearly as quick as originally estimated because I had learnt new things while practicing.

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Estimations are almost always wrong, which is not something that is unique to code.

I would also say that measuring it in days/weeks/months is not as useful as in total hours and without a deadline, it can be hard to gauge if you are being efficient or not.

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This really is the core of estimating. Its being able to know the complexity of something without knowing the fine details of the task and risks involved.

If you approached the same task without the direct experience of doing the task, but with the experience of knowing what could be involved, and the risks involved your estimate would probably grow.

This is the tricky part, and why estimate is so difficult. Its being able to correlate previous knowledge without direct experience to estimate something. If you already did something exactly before then yes your estimate should be pretty on point, but odds are there are still aspects you’ve never done before, as there’s always new and different aspects to all work.

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