Feeling lost again on my second project (Portfolio)

I don’t know where this post belongs but it’s related to Portfolio. Completely stuck. I haven’t been able to go past the navbar and I think I have used more than enough time to do this little top navigation bar. I am 59 years old and trying to get into web development. When I see what people can do here I feel like I won’t be able to accomplish this. Anyway I feel stupid. This is the only thing I have been able to do so far.
If you have any suggestions I will appreciate it.
Thank you!!!

I have edited your post to remove the codepen link from the title (where it couldn’t be clicked), move it to your topic, and add a meaningful title.

What is the problem Jorge?
I really like what you have done up till now - the navbar looks very cool with nice fonts.
Keep adding content to the page, use hints from the previous lessons - some of the stuff we used in the “Kittens App” can be very useful.
Try adding more paragraphs and headers, link the navbar to these headers.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the encouragement. What is the kittens App? I am afraid that I haven’t gotten there yet

Sorry for the delay in my response, I somehow missed your reply…
The kittens App I was referring to is the app that you built in the “HTML5 and CSS” part of the course.
There are a lot of useful resources there and you can always go back and find there how we solved similar problems.
Also, I see that you progressed a bit on your project. I would encourage you to take a look on others portfolio pages here in the forum. I myself took a lot of ideas and learnt nice tricks from learning other developers’ code.

I was able to do some more although still very simply . That’s exactly what I did. I took a look at other people’s project but also I try to understand what the code means and the effect it has. I think that’s the way I learn better. Thank you…

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I would really appreciate if you look at my profile page as well in this topic and tell me what you think about it:

Hey Tim,
I wish I had the experience that you have to give you real feedback. The only thing I can tell you is that I like the way it looks and it looks very professional too.