Feeling lost in which step take

Hi everyone, first of all, i need to say thank you for this community because it helped me a lot during this path.

long story short, a few months ago idk why i started to feel curious about programming, i thought that i was never feel attracted by this game but i was wrong, i fall in love immediatly, my path in the last two months was learn the basics of web dev. in deep(html, but mostly css, flex box and grid in deep) and now i’m learning javaScript.

For the moment i know the basics of javaScript, to put you in context i started all of this with FreeCodeCamp, then a few good youtube courses and research to learn like the morder javaScript tutorial https://javascript.info/ and the Angela Yu udemy course.

i´m the verge of start of put javaScript on the websites, but i don’t know if i have to read more about basics concepts or just start to go further, again i know what it s a boolean, variables, functions, loops, recursive, arrray and objects to give you and idea.
Any recomendation in getting another course?(udemy, cursera etc) i was thinking about the one of NetNinja, or maybe buy a book, some good youtube chanel?(i know there is a lot of but only a few worth it)

sorry for the long text and the weak english(it’s not my main language).

thank you, and stay safe everyone!

I found Beginning JavaScript by McPeak/Wilton to help put together how JavaScript works on the page.

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Hi , might i suggest on looking at Javascript30? It is a website that has 30 javascript applications with 30 tutorials and 30 days to complete, all you need is a basic understanding of javascript and these 30 projects will help you a long way
On the other hand if you’re still looking to learn javascript you can watch someone called TraversyMedia on youtube on his Javascript crash course

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Yeah, I was thinking to take the traversymedia JavaScript course in udemy, also I was between that one and the one of the netninja.
But I watched a few of his videos and I think he is a good teacher.
Thank you!

I will check that book definitely, thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry, idk I’m a begginer. Try to post your question, I’m sure someone is going to resolve it

@Akotomichael Please do not use people’s threads to ask unrelated questions. Make your own thread.

Don’t expect someone to just “explain” that much code. That seems a little optimistic. If you have some specific questions about some parts of the code that would help.

Again, not in this thread though.

Hi there!

I’m a newbie, but I may suggest you to check the Full Stack Javascript on The Odin Project.

One of their programs brought me here. And I can say that hey have a huge amount of resources. Check it out!

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