Few questions about beginning

Thanks Winas. Have you studied web development before? If you are a complete beginner, and feel a little intimidated, I recommend a Udemy course by Kathleen Farley, https://www.udemy.com/course/step-by-step-html-and-css-for-absolute-beginners/
This course will walk you through the beginning in easy steps. FCC will work well with this course. After you feel more comfortable, try a course by Angela Yu or Colt Steele.


Questions to all those who are willing to answer.

When did you start coding(programming)?

Seriously, a little over a year ago. I’ve been tinkering for the last few years, though. FreeCodeCamp really started helping me dig into and understand the fundamentals.

How did you start? (Was it school or just curiosity?)

FreeCodeCamp and CodeCademy during my spare time at work. I mostly used CodeCademy to brush me up on the syntax basics, and FreeCodeCamp to really hammer in the concepts.

Why did you start? (Was it matter of passion or need for cash something?)

I realized that I needed a change of career. Current job doesn’t pay well, career field is difficult to find jobs in, etc. So started working towards a more marketable and flexible skillset.

What are you doing now? (Are you satisfied with how things end up for you)?

Well, since I’m still pretty new to programming, I haven’t found a job in it yet, but hopefully will in the next year or so. I’ve been doing freelance web development on the side (the specific field I’m really interested in), and I find that work extremely enjoyable.