Final Project [portfolio]

So I made the final project that was a small portfolio, I used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • some JS
    you can find it on CODEPEN or clone it and edit it from GitHub, I also hosted it if you want to see it Demo
    It is simple and code-readable (maybe) so you can take it and make some changes, it may help you practice your styling skills.

if you have feedback about the code please I’m watching comments

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Very beautiful work man keep going

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This looks really good! :slight_smile:
The only thing I noticed was inside your about box there should be a space between 19 and years.

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imo id add some colors, the black & white stands too dull for me. I think just one bright color here and there can make certain elements stand out and make your page more lively. You should also edit your projects section to not have the same repeating project, im sure you have completed other projects along the way.
As this is part of the HTML & CSS sections, its good practice to limit yourself only to those and avoid using JS. The idea is, you stretch as much as possible in solving any challenges while limiting yourself only to the basics. There will be time forward where you can practice your JS skills for good and produce an updated portfolie for yourself, where you can reveal your full potential


I’ll edit it later thanks for your opinion

I’ll man thanks for your opinion

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yep. I totally agree with you but. I accidentally visited freeCodeCamp and I saw the projects that I didn’t complete yet… So I started coding without choosing a plan for the layout or color pallets… I was doing only the user stories in the project tasks. that’s why I didn’t add real links to the webPage
I’ll work on it and I’ll make some changes.

I just started Js too so I tried to make it a challenge rather than writing a lot of CSS to make some animations

thanks for your opinion :heart: I really appreciate it

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Hey! hope you’re having a lovely day. I just checked out your website and it looks really really cool.

Here are a few things i would suggest you to work on, some of which are best practices and others are just my personal preferences.

  1. You should get the header as well as the nav element outside of the main tag because screen readers use the main tag to jump to the central topic of the webpage without having to go thorough each and every link there is. if you wanna learn more about this i’d recommend you to read this article.
  1. I notices that the navigation menu that you’re using is acting up when i make the screen size smaller, you should maybe check that out.


  1. You can use article tag as a container for the all of your projects because doing so would help you in situations like this


Hope this helped!


Your website is pretty good. It’s really smooth. Great job. By the way, you should add :hover on those 2 buttons that users first see in your page. That would make your project much better because even though I’m a beginner, I feel that a website great website usually have :hover. Even though it’s something basic but if you know how to style it then it can be really beautiful

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I was sure that the main tag is not a simple tag like div … but I was too lazy to search about it … you did it thanks for that article

that happens because I used the transition to the nav … and I give it a transformY() to go up so I think it’s normal to see those effects.

I wanna really thank you so much for your opinions and yep, that was really helpful

yeah I was thinking about it and I also love those :hover effects but I really didn’t have any Idea of how It’ll looks like after the hover … I was confused so I didn’t add anything.

doesn’t matter … we are all beginners and we’ll be better … Thanks for your opinion :heart:

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