Finally finished my portfolio! Would love feedback :)

It took me just over a week to build this but i’m happy with the result :slight_smile:
I didn’t use Bootstrap but instead decided to try out

I quite liked the framework and was happy with the things it provided (even though most of them are available in Bootstrap :)).

I also utilised jQuery and CSS3 animations.

Anyway, here is the final result :slight_smile:

I like the layout and color scheme, especially on your intro (and the animation is a nice touch).

I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of the amount of space between the paragraphs and the images though. Also, the PRISON image isn’t responsive (although all the other one’s are).

Thanks, for some reason its breaking the responsive layout in Chrome but ok in Firefox.

Heres the code:

Just tested in Firefox, you’re absolutely correct! If I were better at reading code, I would help you with this blip buuuuuut, I can’t find anything as simple as a typo… Maybe one of our other fCC friends can help out! Good luck :smiley:

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Fixed it… not quite sure of the exact cause. But I tried a different image and now it’s ok.