FINALLY! Got my portfolio to a point I can be done!

I am still not happy where I am at but I have been battling this back and forth, and figured it was time to move on and come back to this at a later date… Any and all criticism is welcome. That is the healthiest way to grow!


Sorry, not here to critique. I’m just starting up with this project and am a bit lost as to where to begin.

Yours looks really great by the way, I was just wondering if you had gotten to this point through the lessons, or whether you had prior experience, or did you just google for hours?


looks great, the design is awesome. The menu buttons don’t quite scroll the section to the top of the page - just looks a bit odd.

This looks really really good!

Also, there’s a typo in the Let’s Get Together section - mimd should be mind!

:slight_smile: Otherwise, great job!

@chrishussey Don’t be sorry! To be completely honest it took me of about three months to finally get this project under my belt, I do know a little bit of code… nothing too crazy just the basics, I did end up using a lot of other sources like and

What I love about freecodecamp is that you have a project to put those skills to practice, you’ll probably get frustrated and want to quiet like myself but keep at it and just learn everything you can, I think my perfectionist got in the way too much with this project and I kept redoing these that I didn’t quiet like.

For instance, how the page scrolls or the hover links… I am not nearly done with this but figure I’d show it off and get others feedback

So for you I’d just start with the skills that you’ve learned here and once your fingers hit the keyboard your imagination will run wild.

Hope this helps
Best of luck

yeah I notice that myself, I’ll look for into as I am just getting more into javascript see if I can’t fix that. Thank you

Thank you for that catch :slight_smile:

@justdavis83 great portfolio page, your design is excellent. I finally managed to buck my ideas up and do some outside FCC study (Udemy) and have finished mine today. Onward to JavaScript :raising_hand:


I think you have done a good job and the battle in making the portfolio as good as you want in your head will never end.

A few simple adjustments which would make this better for the user would be to remove the white space as you scroll to the side of the site and when you hover over the icons make it glow or lighten.

But look forward to seeing when you come back to it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hello man. Here is what I got to say to you:

What was done good

  • High contrast is good
  • Colors, button-radius and shadows are well-selected

What must be done better

  • Buttons Need a website, Hire and Download are not working now. You can render web page to pdf and host it to dropbox, and that will be a good resume.
  • Number (602) 888-4967 is now posted without a country code. There must be a code.
  • Button Hire looks like it means disabled state. Because all other buttons are green. So, hiring seems disabled even if is working (in fact — not).
  • Level of skills is too complex to read. There are other possible variants [Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced], [Still learning this > Strongly understand]. Like that. Does a person know what 100% of Photoshop is? Writing your own PS plugins? :wink:

Anyway, yours is better than half of what I’ve seen there.
You can also review mine in private message, if you want a revanche :smile:

thank you all for the positive remarks, that phone is a google number (not to give out mine) but I agree you need a country code since its on the interweb :joy:

I just wanted to get something up since it has taken FORREVERR, I am not 100% satisfied, but I figured once I learn more can come back and work on. been focusing on javascript which is a whole other monster :joy:

Again I greatly appreciate the all the wonderful feedback

how did you make de navbar semi transparent? any tutorial on how to ?

youtube was a lot of help, what you want to do is look for what bootstrap calls from the default navigation, in this case it is .navbar-fixed-top then from there edit that to how you like, to get the transparent background, you would enter background: transparent;

Google what you’re looking for and 9 out of 10 times you’ll find what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

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