Finished my first Portfolio page, feedback wanted please

Hello! I just finished my Portfolio Page:

I only used HTML and CSS since I only know a little bit of JavaScript, plus using JavaScript in Code Pen is confusing. On another note, I would love tips on how to make this a static web page so that I can link to it and start building my online portfolio while I finish projects outside of Code Pen in the future. Thanks!


Nice work. Do you really want a red background on small devices, or is that a leftover from some experiment?

Oh, that’s left over. I’d probably want it to be blue or grey, similar to the larger background. Thank you for catching that.

Nicely done! :slight_smile:

The only thing would be your contact buttons at the bottom overlap on mobile.

Thanks for the advice and feedback. I still haven’t figured out how to prevent my buttons from overlapping on mobile. Hopefully I figure it out eventually.