Finished Portfolio project. Looking for Feedback

So, after more than a month I finally finished the Responsive Web Design Certification. There are a lot of things I have to learn (like making my menu into the tree lines icon on small screens), but I’m also open to feedback and advice.
Also, I started commenting my css to see if I really need a line of code or not and it’s doing wonders.
Please, leave advice on any area you think I need to improve, be it design wise, code wise, etc.


hi there,
just had a look at that page( as a guest or costumer) and it looked great.
May be you could think about the content you are telling the audience,
Instead of " when coding took me out from the dark place I was around that time."
you could tell the customer how enlighted you started your coding career and how serious you take things now, or something like that.

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additionally i have to say, after the study of your i am able to differ the " ku" and the " ke" of the katakana. -

nice work…

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Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile:
I like how you worded it without sounding so negative, that’s something I have to change about myself too.
And glad my tech page was of help. Katakana can be confusing at times.

Have a great day :smiley:

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