Completed portfolio and certification

Just finished the last project, the portfolio and got my Responsive Web Design Certification. WooHoo! I set a goal to complete it and did which feels really good.

Portfolio Project


Great many more to common keep coding and learning .
Go are going good.

Congratulations on your cert! Will you be moving on to learning JavaScript now? I’m a little bit ahead of you as I achieved my certificate a few weeks ago. If so I’ll be seeing you around I’m sure!

Applaud yourself for this achievement though. You’re doing amazing. A lot of people can’t say they made it to the responsive design cert but you can!

All that being said are you looking for some feedback for your portfolio project? I can’t help but ask since this is in the project feedback section.

If not, here’s another congrats! Happy coding :+1:


Great work !

I suggest you put the same box-shadow at the flyover button certification. you can soften the shadow too

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Thanks! I’m always open to feedback. I’m almost done with JavaScript as well. I’m working through the algorithms now and then onto the projects. I’ve been a VB.Net web developer until I got laid off last year and decided to take some time to learn C# and MVC as well as come here and get a complete background in the front end skills. I was competent with HTML/CSS and used JavaScript as needed, but wasn’t solid with it. Now I feel I have a much better foundation. I just finished my second callback interview with a company for a web developer position and am hoping to get an offer soon. :sunglasses:

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Wow that’s awesome! Good luck on that dev position. That sounds like such a dream to me at the moment. Can’t wait to see your projects, I’m curious to see how a seasoned dev tackles those JS projects.

As for your portfolio, here’s a few suggestions:


  • I’d be careful, with your link color, and visited color. It’s a little hard on the eyes.
    Screenshot%20(5) Screenshot%20(6)
  • I’m a huge fan of symmetry, I’d recommend centering your get in touch section. Just a personal preference though.


Looking through your code through your index.html file I noticed a few things I would consider for the future:

  • I would strongly advise against using <br /> for spacing. Get in the habit of changing the padding and margins to achieve your desired spacing. Using it to achieve spacing within a div is fine but spacing between paragraphs or sections is a technical no no.
  • Be careful with your use of <h> tags. I noticed you jumped from h1 to h3. Using h tags correctly will make your code more accessible to screen reads.

That’s really all I could find and I was trying to be nitpicky.

Overall great project. I love how organized your css file was. I’ve seen some real messes before.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I was thinking about the link colors as well and I was being lazy with the <br />s. It was 2 am and I just wanted to get it up. :laughing: I’ll be going back over it later and do some tweaking.


Congrats!! I hope to be getting my certification shortly after you. I’m about to start my portfolio project this evening. Wish me luck!