Finished the new JavaScript course!

Hi, I just wanted to show the projects I made for the new course and see what you guys think! If there’s anything I could have done better (like make the stylesheets more concise), please let me know.

I particularly like how the Pokémon Search and Cash Register projects ended up looking! I have pretty good tastes, if I say so myself.


Congratulations! May the power of battle armor be sufficient against coding bugs.


Welcome to the fCC community. I want to congratulate you on completing the beta JavaScript course. I/we hope to continue to witnessing your growth. Keep up the awesome work.
-Happy Coding!


Pls I need help I’m new here and i want to learn and start building up my website but i don’t really know where to start from i will be very happy if anyone can put me through pls

Have you started the FCC curriculum?

It looks like you might want to start here:

Super funktionieren alle, außer der Pokemon, da habe ich IDs oder Namen eingegben das ging es nicht, aber bin kein Pokemon Profi.

Everything works great, except for the Pokemon, I entered IDs or names and it didn’t work, but I’m not a Pokemon professional.