Finished the Python for everybody certification

I just finished the python for everybody certification!
I have some advice/opinions that might be useful to anyone who is currently pursuing the certification:

The budget app was genuinely the hardest of projects and to everyone who is currently completing the projects, I would recommend leaving that project for last. OF all the projects on OOP there, the easiest was definitely the polygon calculator so I would tell anyone starting on the OOP python projects to start there.

  1. on the subject of classes, i found that there was not an in depth discussion on them in the course, leaving the student to do most of the research on them. As such, to get a more in depth understanding of how classes work in python, I c an definitely recommend Corey schafer’s series on them on youtube. They were a life saver and helped me understand so much!
    Link here:
    Python OOP Tutorial 1: Classes and Instances - YouTube

  2. finally, as a person that started in january and only finished the course now, I can understand that sometimes it might be tempting to give up if you feel like you are not making any progress with your learning.
    When that is the case, rather than giving up altogether on programming, I would recommend to give yourself a “break” by learning something completely different to python that will however help you in your career and can be tied back to progamming.

In my case, the times where i felt like I had enough of python, I switched to learning topics that were more centred around note taking rather than actually programming per se, to give my mind a break before returning to python.
These topics were
-git and github, ( i got comfortable enough to make biweekly small contributions to the
open source community)

-learning linux ( to the point that Ubuntu has become my daily driver now and i am comfortable in the terminal)
By following another FCC camp Linux for Ethical Hackers (Kali Linux Tutorial) - YouTube

-learning about networks ( I currently still need to fiinish these lectures Computer Networking Course - Network Engineering [CompTIA Network+ Exam Prep] - YouTube )

Whilst this method might have slowed down my python learning, it allowed me to not give up, as well as develop a greater appreciation for how OSs work and has allowed me to become comfortable with tools and concepts that developers use everyday on the job.

I can recommend to anyone studying python or any other certification here to also learn about a topic that is not strictly related to your language per se. to give yourself a break every once in a while when you feel like python is giving you a headache. Learning git and github is a great place to start as you will need to know how to use git on your developer job!


I really liked the post :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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