Finished Tribute Page - Michelle Obama - request feedback

this is my first project, requesting feedback


Looks pretty good, just a few suggestions:

  1. Tidy up your html code as there are giant spaces in it when I view it in the CodePen editor
  2. Maybe make the page flow correctly on smaller screens. This could include dynamically resizing the image as well as adjusting margins to make text readable.
  3. On the topic of margins, make better use of space and not have the text so close to the left border of the white space. It looks a bit cramped the way it is.

ahhh okay now I see what you mean with the cramp areas and the spaces. thx a bunch!

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What he said. Other then that Congrats!

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@Reinamarron welcome to freecodecamp.

I checked out your project. I have some suggestions.

  • Add some padding to the div that is the parent of the text elements so that the text will not touch the edges.
  • Make the page responsive. I took a screenshot at 400px width. The picture goes off the page and the margins are too wide causing the text to get squished. See screenshot.
  • It appears that you are using Bootstrap classes but you did not import Bootstrap into your project.
  • How about adding a fancy font to the project?

Keep up the good work!