Finished Tribute Page

I finished the tribute page and am looking for some feedback. I tried going for a monochromatic look, but not sure if I like the overall color choices.

Let me know what I can improve on and thanks in advance!

Link is here:

Hey man, I don´t feel experienced enough to say anything about the code. But from a UX viewpoint, I can say that with the orange colour and the background and the white text, it is a bit tricky to read what the text says. Otherwise it looks good.

I actually like the color, but I agree that it’s a little hard to read. I think you just need to increase the contrast a little. Maybe choose a green a little darker in the same hue?

Alicia do you mean for the text or for the background color?

I mean I like the background color. It goes well with the vibrant pictures. But since it’s sort of midtone (neither light nor dark,) it’s hard to see the light text against it. You need more contrast. I’d either darken up the background color just a little, and lighten the text, or leave the bg-color as is and go with darker text.

Alright, that makes sense. I’ll see if I can match a darker text color to it then. Thanks for the input!