First job interview! FREAKING OUT! Can I google during programming test?

I have my first job interview tomorrow!!!
Job position is called “Associate UI Engineer”, but based on the job description it’s basically a front-end developer position.

I already passed the initial video chat interview, which was just the manager asking me questions about my resume, experience, etc.

He wants me to come in tomorrow for an onsite interview, which will include a test to see where I am at with my JavaScript skills.

MAN I AM FREAKING OUT! I haven’t studied too much for the past 2 months and I already feel like I forgot everything. I’m practicing coding challenges on a website called Coderbyte right now and it’s making me feel like I’m back to zero because I haven’t been studying hard enough and been focusing too much on writing my resume and prettying up my portfolio.

Does anyone know if I’m allowed to use Google during the test?

Any websites, tips, anything to help me prepare for tomorrow?

Thanks a bunch!!!

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The skills test probably will be composed of questions and whiteboard problems, so you won’t be on a computer. When you’re whiteboarding, you are allowed to say things like “And I can never remember the difference between splice and slice and I have to look it up.” or even ask questions. There’s a chance that they’ll actually have you use the computer to solve the problem, in which case they’ll tell you whether or not you can use the internet.

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@ArielLeslie Oh wow that’s worse than I expected. I feel very unprepared. Going to study as most as I could today… Wish me luck!!

Good luck! It’s ok to be nervous. It’s even ok to admit that you’re nervous. It’s also ok not to have all the right answers. They want to see how you approach problems and what your baseline knowledge is.

Late to this topic, but if your interview doesn’t work out you can use this for the next one. It is ok and normal to be nervous, but before you walk in to the building and take a deep breath and tell yourself it will be fine and then present a calm and open attitude. I would not admit to being nervous, the interviewer already knows this is a nervous setting and stating it will make you seem overly nervous which could be a red flag.

Doing some basic algorithms the day before to jump start your brain is fine, but cramming the day before is pointless, you know what you know and that is it. Google online for videos like, JavaScript in 10 minutes. These are obviously not going to really teach you, but they refresh you on the main topics and again jump start you brain to thinking in the language.

The test could be anything from technical questions to pair programming or white boarding. The key here is to remain calm and understand the problem presented. ASK QUESTIONS, the interviewer is looking for how you handle problems and work to solve them not so much as to if you have the solution of the top of your head. Talk through the problem out loud. In most cases syntax is not a big deal and you can pseudo code your solution on the board. The big thing here again is working the problem through verbally and showing the interviewer how you problem solve.

At the end of the day you gain experience from the interview you can take into the next one and not have to feel so freaked out. Remember you are interviewing them as well so have good questions for them about the company and the position. Good luck.

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@davisg67 Yes I did already have the interview but thanks for the reply!! I think it went well but eventually I did get completely lost during whiteboarding… I have to wait about a week to see if I got the job but if I didn’t get it, I’ll definitely take your advice and just take this as a practice!!! Thanks so much!