First step to learn ethical hacking anyone please?

I want to learn ethical hacking, which programing language should i learn first?
Please tell me anyone. Steps.

What does ethical hacking mean to you?

What programming languages do you currently know?

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Sir i think i can protect myself from the digital devils, and it will make my life little easier to survive in today’s survival of fittest earth arena. And i know nothing about programing language but i started learning HTML 2-3 days ago, and i am stuck in step 55 right now.

Can you guide me the steps to learn?

Hello Sir. Can you please tell me the steps or dos and donts, i want to learn but i just dont know from where to start as a beginner.

JavaScript and Python are two good languages to know.

Ethical hacking isn’t about protecting yourself. It is what the word says it is, hacking done with no malicious intent. When attacking a target it is done so with the consent of the target. For example, pen testing is ethical hacking.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Actually i want learn hacking because i want to have the capability to do something which many doesn’t have.

And i want to start anonymous works like the Anonymous organization do, in good ways and helping people, also i want to hack peoples smartphones because they are all hypnotize by social media forgetting their own works for which a living must do, may be its not my business to other people but when it comes to my brother/sisters and relatives i can’t look at them addicting to their phones.

This does not sound like ethical hacking at all. We cannot help give you advice for criminal or non-consensual hacking activities.

OH… Sir wait… i am just speaking whatever comes to my mind, i don’t mean it

But people of my states are all wasting their time, all of them including students, parents, kids… this type of activities will sink our culture and tradition.

Intentionally disabling other peoples computers or phones without their consent is illegal and is not part of ethical hacking. We can’t give you advice on how to do illegal things on this forum.

OH no Sir, please understand. I wont do that even if I am pro in hacking

What you are talking about isn’t ethical hacking, it is social hacking or activist hacking (gray/black hat). We do not offer advice on such things here.

Ethical hacking is more like doing a building inspection or some other form of technical quality control. It’s like testing a car before selling it and re-testing again at some point to make sure it is still safe for use.

Hacking is a very loose term, it can mean a lot of things. From tinkering with code and changing it, to breaking, altering, and using it in ways that weren’t intended. As such you can hack something in a way that it becomes vulnerable to what can amount to an attack.


I want to become white hat, but please tell me from where to start or dos and donts.
i am thinking about learning language but i dont know which language should i learn first.

i cant reply more, website says limit reached

I would suggest you look at the GitHub list I gave you. It has links to resources.

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You would need to know JavaScript if you want to do web-related security and Python is often used for the tooling.

Broadly speaking, security is a huge topic:

  • Hardware (CPU/memory/storage)

  • Software (writing, debugging, breaking, fixing)

  • Networks (Internet, local network, application communication)

  • Physical security (locks and such)

  • Surveillance and reconnaissance (physical and digital)

  • Forensics (digital autopsies and evidence gathering)

  • Social engineering (learning how people work)

  • Paperwork and reports (I hear there is a lot of that, at least if you are a professional tester)

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Just to be clear, “ethical hacking” has a fun name but it is much less exciting than it sounds. It is risk assessment. A pen test (which is what an “ethical hack” is) is normally a required step when a company is building systems that can be accessed over a [public] network (ie the internet).

So for example, a regulatory body will say “we can’t certify you unless your product passes these tests”, or a service the company is using will say “to let you use our services, your product needs to pass our tests because you want us to handle sensitive personal information”.

You need knowledge of how to prepare systems for testing, and how to monitor them. Most of the tools used don’t depend on programming knowledge. You will likely want to learn to use Linux, to use the command-line utilities available there, and how to use pen-testing-related software.

On the programming side you wouldn’t be writing applications, you would be writing scripts, hence a scripting language – Python for example, as suggested, or JS, and there are loads of others.


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