Give me some ideas

hey guys ! iam a beginner… i want to make my carrer in coding and ethical hacking but i dont kow how to begin it give me some ideas and help to become a good hacker

thanu, I would advice to focus on one task at hand and then break it down. If you are looking into Ethical Hacking, there is a lot of things to understand before you write a single line of code, specially regarding networking and how data is being transmitted and received from and to your device.
I would start looking at a course in edx or Coursera regarding that and once you are familiar with that go to a course in Udemy regarding the topic so you can get familiar with it.
I guess it always depends on how you learn better, for me, I know to have a general idea of the subject before I go into hand on exercises, hence my advice to first learn about networks and the big picture before playing around with wireshark or installing metasploitable in virtual box.

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