How / where can I learn about ethical hacking

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I love coding website etc but I want to learn more about ethical hacking. Is there a FreeCodeCamp for hacking? I’ve Googled it but not getting far.

Any pointers?

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Another term for ethical hacking is “penetration testing”. Mostly anyway: not all whitehat hackers are pentesters, but any pentester who writes actual exploit code is a whitehat hacker (or at least wears that hat in their job).

Security, especially programming in the realm of security, is a highly technical field, and involves either studying in low-level languages such as C (for system exploits) or careful reading of specs (such as CSRF, CORS) and their implementations to find weaknesses in them (with attacks like session hijacking and fixation).

A good couple places to start are and You can spend days surfing around those two sites reading the documentation. Once you’re visiting those sites daily and understand most of the material, you’re ready to become a penetration tester. Obviously, start getting practice before then. Finding and exploiting SQL injections (on your own copy of the software please) is a pretty easy start.

(For those not from the US: the terms “white hat” for ethical hackers and “black hat” for criminals, or at least those not bound by rules, comes from old Western TV serials where the Good Guys would always wore white hats and the Bad Guys wore black.)


Thank you for this, I have a Lynda account and think I am going to do these courses:

I also found this && cheers!

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