Help Regarding Study Materials for Hacking

Hey guys, I am serious about learning hacking. I have gone through several online resources but none of them have been too effective. Can anyone suggest me an online course that’s worth my time and money investment?

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Define Hacking? Could mean programming or infiltration or theft ?

Is this what you are looking for?

Course in Ethical Hacking

Google ‘certification ethical hacking’ and you will find a bunch of interesting things.

Hacking can mean a lot of things.So I guess by “hacking” you meant exploit and attacks of computer systems and networks, and the ways to protect them from such attacks.

Have you checked Udemy ? they have a bunch of interesting courses :

Penetration testing :

Computer security :

I am more interested in shell scripting and infiltration.

To give a permanent solution to the question you have raised, I recommend considering Simplilearn’s Cyber Security courses like CEH Certification, CISSP Certification and CISA Certification

For course links, please Google it by using the query: “CEH Certification Simplilearn” “CISSP Certification Simplilearn” and “CISA Certification Simplilearn”

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Some of the most popular ethical hacking courses include Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking, Advanced Penetration Testing, Post-Exploitation Hacking, and Computer Hacking & Forensics. As a beginner, the best courses for you to begin with are CompTIA A+ and Network+.
There are many ways you can get resources for an ETHICAL hacker.

Internet- Before starting anything in hacking, you should basic Knowlege of OS, network and website/server management. After, that do some basic course from the internet.
Have a dummy PC- In your journey of hacking, you’ve to have to practice “hacking a system” with different exploits and payload… Remember, being a hacker, you’ve known, every exploits possible for an OS or network. So, constant research is required!
HIDE your identity! — One of the things, you should consider, every time is your security. When, on a hacking assignment, don’t leave any traces of information in the victim PC/network. Use ARP poisoning, while hacking into networks. NEVER REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY.
Use backdoor — Using backdoor, is very important, after hacking. Backdoors, helps you monitor the system, even when you are not using it.
Learn to use Linux — Linux is like heaven for hackers. Everybody starts their hacking journey Kali Linux. So, it is better to know Linux commands before using KALI. If you are interested to learn Ethical Hacking then join institute which provides you to implement your skills on live projects.