White Hat Hacking

Does anyone know any good websites to teach intermediate level white hat hacking?

There is a lot of training source, you can get by search, But I think, it is the best one: Certified Eethical Hacker By CEH at ECCOUNCIL

Thank You. Are there any free alternatives?

coursera has some free security courses

If it’s mainly pen testing you are after then look at Kali Linux and learn about the tools (like Metasploit, Nmap and so on). I’m sure you can find a bunch of guides on using the tools if you seach for them.

There are also free labs around (google).

If you want proper certifications you will have to pay.

Thank You! Ill be sure to check them out.

Hey, glad you have chosen the bright side. I found this 2 sites that may help you learn white hat hacking. If you have resources, you can try SafeBreach or Udemy

Thanks :joy::joy:

If I only have limited income (being a student) are there any free courses you would recommend?

I would not look for certification just explanation into the methods