First tribute and webpage ever! - feedback appreciated

First time I ever built anything (besides what they have us do in the exercises prior to the tribute project).

Any feedback much appreciated. I heard some people say that it might be better for beginners to learn how to code using “vanilla HTML/CSS” first.

If I were to attempt to do so with this page but still attempt to have the image and rows/cols scale appropriately across browsers and devices, how should I go about doing so?

Also if you have comments on how to clean my code or organize things that would really help because I literally have just started doing this 2 days ago, no previous experience.

Thank you again!!

YES! First of all, awesome subject and your page looks great!

Secondly if you really want to learn the ins and outs of responsive design I can’t recommend Ethan Marcotte highly enough:

The guy pretty much invented responsive design as we know it. He’s also got a book: []

But A List Apart is a great site to get your feet wet with responsiveness: (That’s every article they’ve got under responsive design).