First Web Project and Image management

I’ve finished learning the frontend part of FCC and am now turning my attention to the Tribute Page project.
Now this may seem like a basic question, but how do you deal with images you want to use. I do know how to use the tag but as far as storing and linking photos I’ve collected for the project I’m not sure what is the best (easiest) way.
So I guess I could put a folder on my hosting directory and dump them in there and then src="#" but that sounds cumbersome especially since I’m not sure where or if the project will actually live on the web.
What do you guys recommend for managing images or any other linkable media for these projects.

That sums it up. Yes, in a real world web site, you would want your own copies of the photos so you don’t have to count on someone not screwing it up. In the real world, putting them in a directory on your web site makes sense.

Of course with a codepen homework site, that doesn’t work. You can either just link to the image on the web and hope it doesn’t change. Or you could start an image repository like Google Photo, Photobucket, or Flickr, or whatever. That way at least you’d know it is secure.

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@ksjazzguitar Thanks for the quick response. I will go with the online repository. I assume that all my photos would have links that can be inserted in scr="#" attribute?

Yes, that’s how you tell the HTML where the photo is, with a url, like src="" or whatever.