Fixed Navbar Bug


The fixed navbar on my website has a bug. When the user scrolls up and down with a mouse scroll wheel the height of the navbar will flicker slightly, and when the side panel is opened it will sometimes glitch as well. This bug seems to be unique to google chrome for me, it works fine in firefox.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any idea why this is happening?


Probably REACT doing a re-render :smile:

Hey! Try adding “-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden” to the .jumbotron class. It seems to fix your problem.

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:slight_smile: Thanks! Your company’s site looks great by the way.

My pleasure! And thank you – it was something I cooked up about 2 years ago. Time for an overhaul, though :).

Sort of unrelated, but arrowing up and down doesn’t work at all. Are you doing preventDefault() on keydown or something? From a personal perspective, this is the sort of thing that makes me back out of a site instantly.

It is related - I blocked the up/down keys to prevent this bug only to learn that the mouse scroll causes it as well. Luckily Luan found a much better solution and I can unblock the arrows on my next deploy.