Following Curriculum and learning on the side

Hi everyone!

Following Curriculum on Responsive Web Design Certification I finished Basic HTML and HTML5, Basic CSS, Applied Visual Design and almost half of Applied Accessibility.
So, my question is this enough just to follow Curriculum or I need to do some work beside this? Maybe it is necessary to practice more than this?

All the best!

The further you get, the more you’ll be doing research outside if freeCodeCamp. This is especially true as you start doing projects. If you feel like you’re making good progress in the curriculum and understanding everything as you go, then feel free to keep following the curriculum. Just be prepared to look for additional resources as you need them.

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Thanks a lot!
I was thinking to try some coding on my own while following curriculum. Just for practice.
Once again. Thank you!

Go for it! Pursue your excitement! :grin:

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