Found a dev job, after 15 months of self study

Do understand how to write a decent readme, it’s almost like makeup for girls.

In other words, unnecessary.

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Yea that line has me a litte :confused:

Forgive me if I come across rude or blunt, but I felt irritated by your comment and couldn’t ignore it. I tend to take these kind of comments more seriously than others, apology in advance.

I checked your profile and see that you joined on Aug 17th 2020, and made one post on Aug 17th, asking people to partner up for your job transition.

The moment I see this, I thought, wait, does this person know anything about programming?

Quote below your exact words in your post.

I wish to transition jobs ASAP. Wondering if anyone would like to partner up to keep each other going?

Listen, if you have problem moving forward on your own, good luck in your programming journey. Programmers are 99% on their own, yes they work in teams, but don’t expect people to hold your hands and guide you to every answer you need.

Like, ‘Hey, how many hours did you study today,’ ‘Show me a project you’ve completed by the end of this week,’ things like that. I don’t know, I guess someone working towards a similar goal, ideally at a similar level, so we can talk about our accomplishments each day. Ideally, we motivate each other to keep on top the study schedule.

Here again, asking for support, no one will be there to partner up with you when you start your own career. Better start being independent now than later.

All this time you spend on trying to find a partner, you could’ve put that into researching, like readme file lmao.

Do you have any thoughts with regards to better ways to put it to practice? I am hoping to develop a portfolio that will work for employment.

Wow, I guess if you want to get employed, better look up how to write a decent readme file.

Put it bluntly, you still have very long way ahead, in your hope of career transition.

Discounting ReadMe file will make you look unprofessional. If you carry that attitude around, thinking something other people recommend you is “not necessary”, good luck trying to make any progress in life, not to mention career change.

I made a metaphor in comparing makeup with readme.
If you are going to interpret that literally, then I guess you lack the ability to read into ambiguous social jokes, lol.

No hard feelings, if you want to partner up with me, I’d be more than happy to.


Replied to the original post, FYI.

No hard feelings.

So you write something offensive, I make a tongue in cheek joke in just a few words, and you proceed to cyberstalk my profile and tear me apart in a response saying YOU’RE offended, and then after insulting me repeatedly, say ‘no hard feelings,’ let’s partner up??? Frankly, I’m a bit surprised you’re allowed to post in this community.


Hence, my apology in advance, I do not know you in person, so I took your comment literally, regardless if it was a joke or not.

ReadMe files are important.

This April, I was rejected as a candidate after spending a week writing a project for a potential employer. In their comment, one of the review message was “Your readme file barely makes any sense”, was written.

Hope this drills home the message that, do not underestimate the importance of a readme file.

Again, no hard feelings, good luck in your learning progress.

None taken, I just think the analogy is a bit distasteful as makeup isn’t important to many women (myself included). This was the first post I saw after signing up for the forum, so I was a bit shocked to read that and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth about the FCC community. I’m sure it’s not all like that, but yea bad first impression lol.

I get what you were trying to say, but keep in mind there are women learning to code, we’re under already represented in the community, so it sucks to see that we’re limited to just…makeup. It’s not really the “ambiguous” social joke you make it out to be. Anyway, the rest of your post was informative and helpful at least, so thanks. Will continue on my coding journey :slight_smile:


Hey all,

Let us remember to keep things on topic, and civil. The sad thing about text is it is difficult to convey intentions.