Fourth Project Completed - Technical Documentation Page - Python

Hello again! Here is my fourth project:

Technical Documentation Page - Python

I know it’s very simple and needs a lot of details but I am just focusing on passing the tests and then start improving every project.

Thanks again for your feedback and support! :grinning:

Great job! Great topic you chose. One simple thing, the <code> just add some CSS to make them stand out probably.

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Hello, I think that the image below should not happen. Look at the responsive design.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will improve the page CSS to make it look and function better.

Thank you for pointing that. I haven’t optimize the page for mobiles devices, but I will work on that!

If you are using display: grid, then on Mobile just set the grid-template-columns to: 1fr only.

Ahhhh. you didn’t use grid. You should really use the grid.