Python - Technical Documentation Page

I chose one of my favourite languages for the tech doc page

How did I do?

Feedback is greatly appreciated

Thank you

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You did a very great job, but in mobile view your Python Logo is not responsive,
and you should center your navigation and also reduce it padding,
for each of the nav link.
Great work!:wink:

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Looks really nice! Watch out for your scrollbars, though — you have a double vertical scrollbar and an inactive vertical one (on desktop).

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Thank you I’ll get to fixing those issues

Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up

Your code example’s run out of screen(mobile phone)

How would I fix that? I have no idea

very clean and great site… Keep it up

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Thank you. Would you know how to fix the issue Trunon pointed out?

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Just a quick fix, you can use the overflow property and set it to auto. overflow: auto; Hope it helps.

@Psypher you spelled Python “Pyhon”, you left out the ‘t’.
The project is very well done visually.
The menu item box appears to be too wide in my opinion.
That is all I can see.

Keep up the good work!

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