Free code camp refuses to accept my solution

I am trying to submit a challenge but either freecode camp or replit is not working properly I am frustrated.

I have created a live link from replit

I have submitted the live link but freecode camp keeps giving me the error I have corrected. here is the link to the solution

Please post a link to the replit inside angled brackets

I am also trying to submit a responsive web design project when I click on create help post it doesn’t go through. I can click on been answered on forum and that works

( ) here is the replit link

here is a view of the link

Try closing down the tab, and make sure your browser is up to date as well. Then reopen fCC in a new tab to see if that helps. (For new responsive web design issue)

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This link works fine for me (it submits and got accepted).

Please try a different browser perhaps or recycle your browser.

I am sure everything is updated I reopened still same issue on Edge. I also tried Safari still same problem

@olufisayotogun Works for me as well. If it doesn’t work for you try the iframe link.

Sometimes people have issues with SSL on Replit.

@cpylypow If the help button isn’t working for you, you can always create a new thread and then copy and paste the code from the editor. Make sure you post both the HTML and CSS. Use the code format option button </> found in the toolbar to format the code.

Thank you very much. I discovered that my network provider backlisted the replit domain or something of that sort. So I connected to a different network provider and it works fine.

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Thanks for the advice on the work around about making a new thread i thought help button was my only choice

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