Free membership from the library

Hi everyone,

I just discovered something really cool while I was exploring the digital resources section of my public library’s website (I live in Vancouver, Canada). They offer free access to all cardholders! I thought I would share this, because if my library offers it, maybe yours does, too!

If you don’t know about, you should get to know it. It’s a website from LinkedIn that offers comprehensive video courses about all things related to technology, business, and other such areas. Similar to freeCodeCamp, it offers pathways that, if you complete them, you can learn all the skills necessary to master things like programming, animation, music production, and so on. Normally it costs about $10/month for membership, but you should check out your library website and see if they subscribe to it for its members.

It’s worth a look at least!


Wait wat freee how>???

For me, I went to the digital resources section of my library website, and it was listed in with the research databases and learning resources. So awesome! :grinning:

For people in Massachusetts, it is available for free via the Boston Public Library which you can sign up for online

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Create an Outlook id and you will get free 3 months content through LinkedIn learning on as Visual Studio Dev Essentials.

In Visual Studio Dev Essentials you will also get 1 month free subscription for PluralSight too.

As I have used before, I have found most of the web development videos are out of date and may not be relevant. Most people need to remember at what speed web development, let alone the whole computer science field, moves at. Many of the videos are a good way to get up and going but you need to keep working on your own too.

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Yes, I am agree with you!