Get 3 months Pluralsight, Lynda and 2 months DataCamp subscriptions for free

Hello guys, I wanna tell you one thing. If you can’t find a source to learn React or javascript or d3 or nodejs or anything . You can get courses at pluralsight. I’m not promoting pluralsight … it is actually a paid one. But there is a way to get pluralsight (Monthly-Plus) subscrption for 3 months for free. First signup a microsoft account, then go to this page . and click join or access now and go to your email and wait for the activation email sent by the microsft to activate the membership. After receving the email activate membership by clicing on button or link in email, then you get some cool things for free. among them there will be pluralsight, Lynda, DataCamp etc subscriptions. click on activate then you will be taken to a pluralight page. just give name and email. thats it . you got a free pluralsight account for 3 months for free. And I’m not working for pluralsight . I am a camper and want other campers to get learning resources for free. Don’t forget to activate your Visual Studio Dev Essentials membership by clicking on the buttton or link in email sent to your email by microsoft. Another way to get pluralsight subscription is through Microsoft Imagine account. . But you need to be a student in any Academic institution. At least you need an id card of any Academic institution to verify your account.


Thanks a lot vishal! this is awesome, I just suscribed.
cheers mate

you are welcome Sholz-sensei

Nice! Thank you! I just discovered Pliralsight last night before I went to sleep and wanted to take the courses.

Pluralsight is great. Check out Cory House’s courses on React (or anything he teaches, really). Simon Allardice went there from, and I would recommend anything he teaches as well.

Thank you so much, that is awesome !!

I was actually going to sign up for a Pluralsight account this weekend but just found this thread whilst looking for something completely unrelated. Thanks so much!

Awesome! Thank you @bunnyvishal6, I really wanted to check out their courses for months now, but I didn’t feel like paying before testing it out. This is great, thanks again!

Thanks for the tip. Does anyone have recommendations for a React course from pluralsight?

Thank you so much for this free 3-month pluralsight subscription. This will help a lot.

I found this two courses to be really good for me to getting started with Node and React:

I am just learning so I cant guarantee it but from my point of view they are really good!

Thank you for posting this!!! I’ve been debating signing up for PluralSight - now I can

thanks a lot for this link bro…

I think i love you men… Thank you so much!!

Thanks for the tip!! :wink:

You guys are most welcome.

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Microsoft will send you an email to activate your Visual Studio Dev Essentials membership. Activate it otherwise free subscription to pluralsight or linuxacademy might fail.

Thanks vishal. pluralsight for free is awesome.

Excellent, Thanks for sharing info.

please help me with way to have linux academy free subscription, above visual studio method is not working any more.