Freecodecamp Database

Do the public have access to freecodecamp database and servers to get the real backend developer experience?I know freecodecamp code is open source on github but what about host servers and database?. Please clear my doubt.Thanks in advance for the justifiable answer.

Well, no, obviously not, you can’t just let random people play around with production servers or databases: they’re not toys or learning tools, they’ve got real things that are meaningful to real people on them.

You can download the code for the platform and set everything up, databases and all, but it will be a local copy you would be running with only test seed data + any data you add yourself

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Thanks DanCouper for the answer,then how to get the industry standard developer experience and how to work with large scale system?If it is possible to get those kind of experience please suggest me some open source platforms.

Well, you can’t, not in the way that you describe. Nobody is going to give you access to production databases or systems. Generally you would start in a junior position at a job, and gradually as you understand the system you would gain access when and if needed. In OS same thing applies for large projects. Industry-standard developer experience on large complex systems involves working in developer jobs for years, there isn’t generally a shortcut where you get to bypass that

You won’t find any “large scale” systems until you’re working in a developer job at a company that’s making something like a distributed app. Some examples are listed here:

The way to get started with back-end is by installing things locally on your own computer. For JavaScript, that means installing Node.js and MongoDB. Or you can use SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL, which all have Node.js drivers, if you’d prefer relational databases.

Thank you both for the reply.