FreeCodeCamp for Designers?

Hello all,

I’m a software developer. I started using FreeCodeCamp among several other sources about 4 years ago. At this point, I’ve been working as a web developer for a couple years. It’s a great career. If you’re still learning, persevere - it pays off great!

Anyways, now I want some more professional web design skills - mostly so I can design my personal/side projects more professionally and efficiently.

Anyone know of Web Design courses or resources like FreeCodeCamp? I’m particularly interested in learning how to use wire-framing and prototyping tools to crank out beautiful designs.

If there’s really nothing out there, maybe I’ll just have to make one myself! #FreeDesignCamp

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I think that’s a brilliant idea. Maybe the basics of HTML/CSS, then get into more of the design aspects, desktop vs. mobile, accessibility… Much of that is in the front-end HTML/CSS stuff, but there is definitely much room for expansion.

Are you familiar with csszengarden? One of my favorite design idea sites, and its all based off the same HTML – simply using css to change the design itself. Kind of inspirational, really.