Your thoughts please!

I am a Nutritionist by profession but I have decided to take e new career path as a web designer.I have decided to teach myself this on freeCodeCamp but I have no prior knowledge on web design. I have started from HTML and I really don’t know if that is the right path. Can I please make it as a web designer?, Your advise will be highly regarded.

I think starting with just learning how HTML/CSS/JS works will guide you down a path where you can then learn the more complex frameworks that will really enable you to do crazy things like React and Angular. Plus learning those languages give you the foundations for jumping off into the world of code.

However, if you just want to make beautiful sites for people, then you don’t need things like React/Angular you’ll only need passive knowledge of Javascript and you can quickly master making beautiful website using just HTML and CSS (plus some minor JS). I think you will benefit going through the courses as you’ll start to see what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, how it all works together, etc. I’d say evaluate as you go what your first ‘real world’ project that you want to take on will be and that will guide your learning.

thank you sir for your advice. I am so determined to make it

Yes @psusmarsis right
but also do start your own projects it doesn’t matter what:3 don’t end up in tutorial hell haha

i really dont understand the part of ending in a tutorial hell, please elaborate KITTY

It’s what I call going on with tutorials for weeks without starting your own projects :3 like a limbo of tutorials going from one to another.

I now understand. Thank you for that insight

No problem alway’s glad to be of help if i can :3

Hi, just wanted to clarify one thing: Web designer is usually a term used for the person that “designs” webpages/web-apps, meaning the UI/UX and graphic designs. A web designer has often limited knowledge of html/css/javascript, sometimes just enough to use something like Webflow or Wordpress. A web developper (that’s what freecodecamp curriculum is), will have extensive knowledge of html/css/javascript and more and will be able to build complex web apps from scratch. A web designer will typically create mock-ups on Invision, Zeplin or Adobe, and partner with a web developper for implementing his designs.

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Definitely try it out, I would say make sure you like it before you decide though.

Even if you do end up pursuing a design only career, basic front end coding will be very valuable.

As for your background, one of my coworkers started her career as a nutritionist/personal trainer and is now working full time as a front end developer. So it’s totally achievable if you put in the work/time.

thank you very much for the advice. I hope I make it