FreeCodeCamp Full Course Videos (?)

I’m mainly writing this because I came across the FCC Full Course Videos Playlist a while back and I’m just quite interested in knowing the order in which I should watch the videos as I feel as if some concepts must be know before the other. The order the videos are in are basically by upload date and I feel as if a beginner like me who is using HTML, CSS and JS and wants to expand their knowledge might need a playlist that is organized in a way that works for me. However, this may not be the case but I’m hoping for some feedback and replies. Thank you so much for reading this!

From an FCC challenge, you can get to the appropriate video (if there is one) by clicking the “Watch a Video” link.


Thank you for your input but I don’t think that is what I meant. On the FreeCodeCamp Youtube Channel, there is a playlist called “Full Courses in One”. There is Python, C++, React, and many more concepts. I wanted an overall order for these videos for a beginner as some concepts might require knowledge of another. If they are not meant to be in order and all the videos can be used by anyone of any skill level, then that’s what I want to know.

I suggest maybe the order the freeCodeCamp Curriculum which is HTML then Javascript then the backend parts like Php and Sql.

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Videos that are organized in Playlists are probably ordered. In terms of what order to watch the playlists in, I don’t think there really is an overriding one. Those videos are created by many different people independently.