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Hello, I want to learn HTML, CSS, and JS. I’m not a huge fan of the course work on the site and believe I need more than just that. Only got to the tribute page. I saw that there was a 10 video playlist on HTML/CSS on the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel. What order should I go in? The videos seem to be similar in my opinion, but some are more advanced. I just wanna know in which order to go in so I can start to fully understand it everything step by step, thank you.
Here is the playlist, but you can just search it up and it should pop up.
Edit: I’m not sure why the playlist turned into the first video, but you can just search it up. It is a 10 video playlist.

You don’t need to do all 10 courses.
Find a teacher you like and do one of the courses for html, css and javascript.

If you are interested in learning about non-relational databases and node then you can do the Full stack web dev course.

Once you finish the course, then you should focus on building projects on your own.
That is where your learning is really going to take off and you will grow a lot as a developer.
Sites like frontend mentor are really popular for beginners.
Then you can build your own projects that are more advanced

Hope that helps!

Thank you, but my question is there a certain order? I noticed some of the videos in the playlist are basic and others build off of what was learned in a previous video. Surely there most be an order in which the videos should be watched. I know it isn’t needed to watch all of it, but the ones I need to watch which order should I go in? Should I do HTML, CSS, and a little bit of JS all at the same time or try and get at least 100 hours of html and css before touching JS? I’m not sure how JavaScript works, like what math is required? I posted my story earlier and my math level will not be high for a few months until I recover. I don’t wanna lose time in which I cannot do JavaScript. Also is CodePen a good tool to use? I can’t really download VS code because of how low quality my Chromebook is.

The only video in the list that looks like requires prior knowledge would be the purely CSS tutorials.

It sounds like you have a basic level knowledge of how HTML works so you could technically start there if you wanted to.
Otherwise, you could pick one of the videos that teaches both HTML and CSS and be just fine.

No there is no set order.

Start with HTML and CSS.
Then move onto JavaScript.

You don’t need to spend 100 hours of HTML and CSS before moving to JavaScript.
focus on learning and understanding the basic concepts.
While you are learning JavaScript, you can still practice your HTML and CSS skills by building beginner projects.

Very minimal math is required.
Web development does not require much advanced math at all.
If you have a basic grade school knowledge of math you will be fine.

Other fields of programming will have different expectations for math requirements but web dev is not one of them.

Yeah, codepen is a great tool for starting to build out your first few projects.
Once you move to frontend libraries like React, then you will want to use something like codesandbox or stackblitz

Okay, thank you. That cleared up a lot of my worries. I would want to do the higher programming eventually, but web development is a good way to get started. I unfortunately cannot start tomorrow, but once I get back from vacation in a week I plan to fully commit to this, I’m not trying to get a job or anything. I just wanna learn this for 3 hours a day. I only got a basic understanding at the moment, I got to the tribute page a while back.

Hey there! It’s awesome that you’re eager to dive into HTML, CSS, and JS on FreeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel. I get where you’re coming from; sometimes, a different approach helps with understanding concepts better.

For the playlist, I’d recommend starting with the basics before moving on to more advanced topics. Since you’ve already completed the tribute page, you’re off to a great start. Here’s a suggested order:

Introduction to HTML and CSS: Begin with the fundamentals. Even if it seems basic, having a strong foundation is crucial.

More Advanced HTML/CSS Concepts: Once you’re comfortable with the basics, move on to more advanced concepts. This will help you enhance your skills gradually.

Introduction to JavaScript: When you feel confident with HTML and CSS, transition to JavaScript. Understanding the basics of JavaScript is essential for dynamic web development.

JavaScript Functions and Objects: Dive deeper into JavaScript by learning about functions and objects. This will give you a solid grasp of the language’s capabilities.

Projects and Real-world Applications: Apply your knowledge by working on projects. This will reinforce what you’ve learned and give you hands-on experience.

As for the playlist, I couldn’t see it, but searching for “FreeCodeCamp HTML CSS JavaScript playlist” should lead you in the right direction.

Remember, practice is key. Try to apply what you learn by building small projects. It’ll help solidify your understanding. If you’re into video editing, relate it to CapCut on High Sierra. Just like editing requires a step-by-step process, so does coding. Both involve creativity and attention to detail.

Best of luck on your coding journey! If you have any specific questions about the videos or coding in general, feel free to ask. Happy coding!

Hey guy a good job. Your idea is good on showing ghe video on youtube.