FreeCodeCamp project remind me of High School Exam

Without any doubt, the project also remind me the exam meme.

How do I know what Bootstrap component is it if I haven’t learn it yet? If I’m going to dive into Bootstrap document then what is the point of learning from FreeCodeCamp?

Well, FreeCodeCamp has a map, a journey if you will. What happens along the journey and how you overcome the journey, that’s a totally different matter.

Aha, The journey is great and I’m just concerning about the lesson they gave to the student. It would be great if they add more content to the lesson so we could learn more.

They may encourage the the read/research style and it would be even more easier to research something we had experience with than something we never heard of. To be honest, I never heard of Jumbotron and if I don’t see the source, I would already using something else like “well” class from Bootstrap.

There are many people volunteer their time to make FCC better for everyone. If in doubt, just stroll over to the Meta section of the forum. Given that you claim that you have experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, perhaps you could even contribute or at least make suggestions if there things that.

The read-search-ask style of learning is great because that’s exactly what developers do. Even professional developers are reading documentations frequently—be it learning a new framework or to refresh their memory on something they already know.

I can’t speak for others and I’ve only started two months ago, but if FCC isn’t doing something right or constantly nudging in the right direction, I don’t think it would have been possible to go from not being able to write a line in JavaScript to doing the React projects.

Tests are great and a part of effective learning: