freeCodeCamp Site Not Working

Hi all, I’m having a few issues with the site, it seems to be buffering but I’m not sure 100%, I’m wondering if this is just a buffering issue, or if there’s something I am doing that is causing this? I have ad-blockers off, I don’t use VPNs, the only extensions I have are grammerly and honey on chrome, idk if that makes a difference? I don’t know if I am using a script-blocker (I don’t exactly understand what that is, but I’ve never downloaded or applied one, and the only way I would have one would be if it came with the system). Really, I’m just wondering if it’s something I am doing or if I should just wait an hour or so and check back?

Works for me. Does it matter if you are logged in or not?

Try a hard refresh (on Windows, Ctrl + F5, or hold down Shift and click the reload icon). Or try clearing the cache and cookies (On Windows, Ctrl + Shift + Del) and try again.

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A hard refresh worked! Thank you so much!

No problem, happy coding!

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