From interview to offer - How long did the follow up take you?

Hey campers!

I managed to pass a phone screen and came in for an on site interview. Was told I’d hear from them early next week.

It’s been about 3 weeks now and nothing yet. Just curious how long it took for others to hear back. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend emailing them further, you said thank you which is fine, but if you send them too many emails you might look ‘worried’ and that could look bad to your potential employer. I would simply wait for them to contact you back. Good luck on the potential job :slight_smile:

By the way, did you get all of the certs on freeCodeCamp? If so I think you can do ‘mock-interviews’ which can help you gain good interviewing habits.

I can agree to that.

I completed the Front End certificate so far. I actually spent quite a bit of time doing mock interviews, mock whiteboard interviews and solving challenges by hand for all the interviews I’ve been on.

I have to say that preparing for the interview really helps a LOT.

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That’s awesome, personally I plan on getting all of freeCodeCamp’s certs and contributing to the open source community though it really depends on the type of job you want. I like building systems, while some people like just page design, freeCodeCamp provides you with a lot of flexibility in that. Glad to see you’ve done mock interviews as well.

Do it man! I plan on finishing the Data Viz soon (started it but haven’t gotten too deep due to applying for jobs). FreeCodeCamp has been awesome in giving us access to great learning resources.


That’s cool, I look at data viz and it looks like it’ll be a fun learning experience :slight_smile:

It took me about 2 months. The whole process looked like this:

  1. Got in touch with recruiter / worked on a schedule
  2. Passed a technical phone screen interview and got invited onsite
  3. I pushed back my onsite interviews to have more time to prepare. I solved over 100 interview puzzle questions. I also booked two sessions of mock interviews on I did mock interviews on both coding and system design. The system design one was particularly useful. Then I did a recap of the most commonly used algorithms and data structures (graphs, hash tables, etc).
  4. I went onsite, had 3 coding interviews and 2 system design questions (I was interviewing for a senior role). I also had a cultural/open discussion interview with a manager. The onsite interviews took about 6 hours. The recruiter reassured me they would reach out within a few days.
  5. Next day I got the good news :slight_smile:
  6. Negotiations went on for about a week

All in all, a pretty standard process. The most important part is making sure you invest enough time in training and try to simulate an interview-like environment. It’s important to feel comfortable taking the interviews, so don’t let anyone pressure you.