From no coding knowledge to a full time devloper

Hello, my name is Uzi, for those who would like some inspiration during their journey.
About 4 years ago 17 year old me decided that i wanted to become a developer, i was fairly good at mathematics and i was certain that it was for me, only problem? i had 0 coding knowledge, i had no idea where to even begin to think about it, but I made a critical mistake, instead of researching and maybe studying the subject beforehand I blindly went into university
At 18 i dropped out of university (I entered at 17 as I matriculated when I was younger) as there was a language barrier for me and i also felt that i wouldnt get too far into it. I got a regular sales job, and shut my dreams to the side, however, at my workplace I met another person interested in becoming a developer and was actively pursuing it, unlike me.
After a few questions she revealed that there was also a person who was in our workplace in university studying computer science, suddenly I remembered my goals and dreams, I wanted to be a developer and I wanted it bad, but where do I even begin, well, I started to think, I began by following some tech related subjects on twitter and Instagram, only to find that most of them were fake and clickbait, but my biggest moment was on YouTube, one day while watching some videos about software developers I had a suggestion for one YouTube channel and one man that genuinely changed my life, Danny Thompson.
Danny frequently spoke about freecodecamp and how absolute beginners could go to freecodecamp, learn for free, and even get a position from their studies.
Intrigued I looked up this freecodecamp and my entire life changed right then and there, I cramped out the responsive web design section within a few weeks, I was hooked and wanted more, I then received the JavaScript algorithms and data structures certificate from freecodecamp, from there I took some Udemy courses, mainly about web design, and received their certifications, from just that I received my first ever internship, at 19, and by the end of that year I accepted a full time job as an automation developer working with some code I never thought I could possibly understand let alone write.
I will forever be grateful for Freecodecamp and Danny Thompson, truly life changing people. To this day is till go back and do some challenges on freecodecamp, every single person ive ever met interested in learning to code has heard this sentence from me “you want to code? Go to freecodecamp and take the responsive design section” I am now a donator of the site as well and will always be as long as I can afford it, freecodecamp gave me a career 5$ a month is more than worth it <3
if youve read this far thanks a bunch:) i hope i didn’t bore you.


What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in what will surely be a rewarding career!


Thank you for sharing
really inspiring
good luck on your journey!


It’s incredible story. Thanks for sharing your win Uzi!

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:clap: :clap:
Thank you for sharing your story, inspiring.

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God bless that you share the same mindset & inspirational energy as freecodecamp is doing. I wish you the best and I will see you some where in this world once again!

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