Front-End-Libraries Certification Claimed, Need Feedback for all the React Projects

Hello fellow Campers,

Hopefully, you are all doing well.

Last week, I claimed Front-End-Libraries Certification.

Please, provide your feedback and reviews on below projects:
( Be it Negative or positive, each review will be most welcome. )

  1. Random Quote Machine
  1. Markdown Previewer
  1. Drum Machine
  1. ReactJS Calculator
  1. Pomodoro Clock

Have been part of freecodecamp’ s Community since mid-2018 and try to learn from website whenever i get time off from my college and other stuff.

I would like to thank @QuincyLarson and amazing freecodecamp’s Community for making me fall in love with coding and web development despite being from a non-tech-background.

Can’t thank you guys enough for all the support and help on FCC’s forum and amazing learning platform. I owe this amazing hobby of mine to freecodecamp and few other free resources on internet. So thank you guys.

Might have to stay away from coding for a while now, coz have to go to business school now. But, i am sure these skills will come in handy there as well.

Now, If anyone of you is starting and is from non-tech background and need any kind of advice, feel free to reach out to me. Will try to help you with some pointers from my journey

Here’s link to my freecodecamp’s Profile:

You will find my other social IDs here, so feel free to reach out through any of those or through this forum. (People from India who are just starting out, you are most welcome, cause having managed coding while in college in non-tech field in India, i might have better advice for you which could be helpful for you. )

And again, Thanks. :pray:



The MarkDown previewer is very well thought of the design! Great Job!


Thanks a ton. :blush:

Your projects are so good

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@shaunchami, Thank you so much.

Couldn’t focus much on design, wanted to get it to work mostly.

Thank you though. :grinning:

Nice projects.Out of them the Markdown Preview one stands out the most imo. On the drum machine would be nice if the music created by the user could be stored and accessed on user request maybe with local storage or mongoose.

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@Mxk01, Glad that you liked the projects.

So, my master’s program in business administration has started and I had very little time for these. so left these projects at the minimum test requirements.
But, thanks for your suggestion, would surely try adding that feature once I get some time on my hands.