Full Stack Development Internship

What are the top full stack internship? I know that most of the top companies ask Data Structure questions using Python, Java or C++.So is it better to focus on back-end(I am familiar with front-end) and be a full stack developer or focus on Data Structures with regards to internship opportunities at top company? I have around 4-5 months to prepare for interviews.
Additionally, which back-end framework/library or language has more job/intern prospects?

Focusing on data structures in my opinion is always a good idea. It shows a good solid understanding of basics for most kinds of jobs.

I am not sure about whether it’s the best way to look at this in terms of which library is most popular. You also have to like a bit what you want to do.

Hope this helps.

Also check out Design Patterns


UPDATE: Here’s the design patterns with examples in Javascript

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