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i been thinking of the one big project i want to start working on once i complete the full stack curriculum. i believe i need some backend knowledve and python to be able to do this. anyways i just want some feedback on this idea . since i have a very fond love of music ranging from the legacy performers like sinatra, dean martin, louis armstrong,
miles davis, herbie hancock, oscar peterson,diana krall, instrumentals like lindsey stirling, the piano guys, all the way up to heavy metal like metallica , slayer, megadeath. yes i have a very eclectic music choices . Anyways i was thinking of a music player api thats a bit between spotify and netflix . it would gather the information and gather a bunch of youtube videos related to the field. I just want to know what you guys think in the project? is it to difficult for a big project after i once complete FCC ? or is it just right?

also another question . i notice in ES6 hooks replace classes in react, yet they didnt remove classes. but the curriculum still use classes. shold i learn about hooks or just stick to classes because the curriculum did so. im assuming its important since FCC emphasis classes.

Your app sounds complicated - I might suggest working your way up to that.

i notice in ES6 hooks replace classes in react, yet they didnt replace classes.

Sort of, sure. I wouldn’t say that they “replace” them, just that they are an option and a lot of people prefer them. Personally, I don’t use class components at all anymore, unless I’m working on old code that has them.

but the curriculum still use classes.

Yeah, it was written before functional components could do the things that classes do. And it’s still important to learn classes.

shold i learn about hooks or just stick to classes because the curriculum did so.

If you want to be a React developer, learning how to use hooks (especially common ones, like useState and useEffect) is a must.

yeah im not equipped for that now. i wont have a foundation for that project until i at least complete the backend cert. it was just a brainstorming idea for something in the future to put on my resume and impress interviewers.

Sure, it’s good to think about these things. You mentioned Python - I’m not sure that you need that in this case.

I would recommend starting simply with some simple projects. Getting some fullstack apps is good, but I think starting simple and working your way up would be good - there is nothing more discouraging than having some complicated app that just goes nowhere.

I think that interviewers are more concerned with quality code than “amazing” ideas. They aren’t hiring you as an “idea man” - they have people for that. They care about your coding. Everyone of my projects that I had were not particularly creative ideas - but they were (I think) well coded. I would agree that it is good to get away from the “standard” projects - they’ve seen a million to do apps - but I don’t think it needs to be unique or useful or revolutionary. It probably helps a tiny bit if it is - it holds their interest - but I would worry far, far more about the functionality and the coding.


These requirements sound like they would require you to know how to “stream content” to end-users, which I don’t believe is something FCC goes over. The requirement of “gather a bunch of youtube videos related to the field” is also generic, and could be extremely complicated, to something simpler.

There is also the requirement of getting the music from youtube using what I’d assume to be the youtube-dl package, but getting that to your end user, and knowing what to get from youtube would be “the project”.

I’d actually put this project into the bucket of “medium difficulty”, in that you do need to know the full stack, and FCC doesn’t go over the one core feature (streaming video/sound content from a server) but the hardest part is already done for you (getting data from youtube). From there you could make things easier/harder depending on what your looking for. Building a set list from youtube URL’s the user gives to you directly is easy, but building a recommendation list based on previous music listened to (like spotify/netflix) is is in its own ballpark.

I also suggest looking into this earlier than later, I wouldn’t wait to do the entire curriculum before starting this project, as the curriculum is rather long and odds are you will have moved onto other things by the time you get anywhere near the end of it. So if this is a project your excited about, I’d ride that enthusiasm as much as possible now.

Even if you need to learn more, or just have to stop as you don’t have enough experience, you will learn something from doing whatever you can with this project.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:


one more question . I dont wanna open anotger post for this since its relatively small . but i just want to ask if we should be getting accustomed to VS as an IDE instead of using Codepen, considering most programmers been using it.

Codepen is not a real developer tool. It is a great little learning tool and sometimes I still even use it to try simple little things out, but when I develop, I do so locally, not in any online IDE. VS Code is a great editor, is free, and is very common.

So, yes.

I see that you are doing React. I would look up some tutorials on using create-react-app to set up a simple, local React project. What editor you use for that is a matter or taste, but VS Code is a good choice.

yeah i been watching some react tutorials like john smilga and he uses VS . and how he sets up the React is a learning curve but not impossible

Yes, VS Code is very popular. But if the tutorial is using something else, it shouldn’t matter.

As far as setting up React, again, create-react-app sets it up for you. If you goal is to learn React, I would want to focus on that, not he difficulties of setting up webpack, babel, etc. CRA is a great and professional tool to get a basic React app off the ground and get right into coding.

u still need to download npm and node.JS to right?

Yes. You will need to set up a local environment. I assumed that that is what we were talking about. “Real” coding is done locally, on your computer. You would need to install node - npm should come with that.

ok yes. thats what i thought. just making sure

I find the Brad Traversy videos to be great. Here is one for using CRA. There are plenty of tutorials on setting up a node environment, you could probably just follow the instructions at Node’s website.

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Hi @fredsmith27182 !

I agree with the others have said and that it is best to work your way up to this project.

Also, the other part you have to consider is deployment.

You don’t want your first time learning react, node, express , vs code and deploying the app to be this project.
That could be an overwhelming process.

It would help if you deployed smaller full stack applications and react applications before building this project so you get a basic understanding of how to do that.

Hope that helps!

yeah thats a good idea. i didnt estimate how difficult this project would be when i was thinking about it. it sounded good though. i thought it was a just a entry level collecting object type of coding at first.

thanks for the advice evertyone. i think im going to go simple and peruse my old class notes and go from there. like one of my MATLAB assignments that took a simple foureir transform of a function and convert it to frontend using javascript/react. or emulate a simplified version of wolffram alpha. that return a simple integral of a function . ill keep it simple like f(x)=x. i can modify it and make it more dynamic as i get bettter

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