General Basic Questions from a new guy

Aloha to the community, I just joined freeCodeCamp and am at the very beginning of the lessons/courseware (just completed the first actual challenge building a tribute page). Due to the fact that I am starting from square 0 in terms of coding knowledge, I have some questions that I’m sure are extremely basic for most of you out here:

  1. Is there some way to see what functions are included in html/css and/or bootstrap? As I finished this tribute page challenge I found some tutorial videos on youtube, one of which showed how to use the “onmouseover / onmouseout” function (which blew my mind since I didn’t know that existed). You don’t know what you don’t know, so it would be extremely helpful/convenient if there were a database or catalog accessible somewhere to see just exactly how many and which functions one can use when coding with css/any other programming language for that matter. Does this exist?

  2. As a follow-on to #1, how would I know which fonts are included in bootstrap/css/codepen (other than assuming all are included and then finding out each time I try to use one and it doesn’t work).

  3. I’m open to any other helpful advice and guidance from the wise coding wizards patrolling this forum.

Thanks for your time reading/responding, it’s MUCH appreciated.

-Matt, humble novice coder

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Look around MDN web docs:

Bootstrap docs:
version 3 (used in the curriculum):
version 4:

Also You can pick specific docs and save them in your browser.

You can use the browser’s devtools to inspect which fonts are used.

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