Official list of elements and classes etc?


Im wondering if there is an Official List that i can find including effects and its code etc? I have found a number of things so far but they are mainly to do with particular programmers set of …? Are there books just on that ?


for bootstrap and css ?

If you meant Cheat sheet then here is the [link] (

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well,i have looked that up.What i meant was where can u find all the possible features of a webpage that u can build,for eg if u were a developer where would u find all the code for the different possible features u can add into a website using html5 and css and bootstrap and later javascript etc.Does have the whole list of possible features u can combine to design a website using html5 and css and bootstrap? Or else how do developers find this ?? Im guessing that the whole list of bootstrap and html code (for features eg navbars etc) is at ? And u combine them to design what u want?? (aside from writing your own that is).Iv been told that there is so much code that developers do not remember them all,so where do they look it up ? That is the question in fact.thanks for the reply so far.


For a lot of programming languages and frameworks/libraries seems to be the place, but it’s only documentation not a cheat sheet I think. Now, I don’t use it a lot but I know of it so you might give it a try. You can even download an offline version and use it without internet connection.

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yea thanks,that was what i was looking for.Much appreciated.cheers